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Enduring client relationships that span generations; a wealth management team supported by financial advisers and investment experts who are passionate about serving you; a company without ownership ties to product suppliers, institutions, or third-party investors, but with a single focus on achieving your financial goals. That's Bradley Nuttall.

Established in Christchurch in 1994, we are a dedicated team of advisers, driven by the value that financial advice and integrated wealth management services can bring to our clients - high net worth individuals and families with complex needs.  Simply stated, our mission as a firm is to improve the quality of our clients' lives, affording them greater satisfaction, peace of mind, and the freedom to achieve more in life.

We serve a nationwide and often global clientele, whom we expect to remain clients forever.


Why we started Bradley Nuttall -  Andrew’s Story

I got into the industry in 1986, largely due to the fact that I have always been interested in business and money. For a long time I had enjoyed reading the business pages and the previous three or four years had seen me become involved in a number of businesses.

What I found most fascinating was how ordinary people could be so successful, while those who had gained a number of tertiary qualifications through universities often didn’t encounter that same financial success.

I started out by joining National Mutual. In reflection, I realise I was trained entirely by fund managers and (to a lesser degree) a research house, known as the Financial Planning Group. The training led me to trust that fund managers and managed funds were the best solutions for clients. I was convinced that returns were everything. I can recall one particular occasion, where the promotion of a fund had earned 365% in the previous year. The fund manager had said, "look we can’t make promises, but next year we should be able to do at least half that." Well, at least in some way they were right; the next year the fund was worth half its previous value.

I believed you could pick the best managers and, perhaps worse, I believed there was no point in worrying about tax or fees, because returns would surely solve these problems.

By around the mid 1990s I had grown disillusioned for a number of reasons. Chief among these was the fact that fund managers' promises regarding returns and volatility seldom aligned with what was actually being delivered.

Fund managers were very quick to promote the funds that had achieved fantastic returns in the previous 12 months, and were equally fast getting rid of any significantly under-performing funds. They would often merge the poorly performing funds into better perfoming funds, which would conveniently drop the fund - along with its ugly performance - from their records.

I also became aware that fund managers weren’t actually interested in what was best for the client. Instead, they simply promoted products they thought they could sell. A great example of this was during the technology boom. BT promoted their Time Fund on the basis that growth over the next five to 10 years would be in technology, information, and media. One year later the fund was worth 50% of its previous value.

After some rigorous research, which included travelling to North America, I realised that less than 30% of all fund managers achieved market returns. In fact, once you took fees and tax into account, you’d be lucky to find 25% of fund managers who outperformed their benchmarks. Of course you never hear about the 75% of funds that underperform their benchmarks; naturally, you might conclude that investments will be reallocated into the 25% that outperform. The problem was that the managers who outperformed in one year didn’t necessarily repeat in the next year; there were of course some who did, but no more than you would expect by chance.

In simple terms, I realised the industry’s products were not client centred.

Furthermore, the fees were very, very high, and tax was a problem with many products. Fund managers couldn’t (or didn’t want to) answer my questions or concerns, or they would privately acknowledge them without offering any real help.

Another major issue for me was that commissions and margins were being taken on top of fees. A number of financial planning firms in the market place were claiming they were independent, however non-disclosure ran rampant.  How could they say they were independent when they were getting paid by the products in which they were advising clients to invest? Was their advice truly “independent”, or was it coloured by the size of the commissions?

In short, I reached the conclusion that clients were not being rewarded for the risks they were taking.

As a business, Bradley Nuttall decided that there had to be a better way. We spent some time overseas in both Australia and North America researching the best options, and discovered that there were advisory firms that had made a stand in the market place without listening to the stories told by sharebrokers, fund managers, financial institutions, and research houses. In 1998, we decided that we would be fee only. This meant that our interests would be completely aligned with our clients' and there would be no temptation to take a large commission-paying product.

We acknowledged that it was impossible to pick tomorrow’s best fund managers today, recognising asset class investing to be a superior option. At that time in New Zealand, all of our investment options from a fee and tax perspective were unappealing, so we developed direct portfolios of NZ shares and direct fixed interest portfolios. This enhanced returns while reducing fees and tax. Tax laws have changed since then and I am pleased to say that better fund options have now emerged.

We agreed that fund manager fees were an issue; the fees that many fund managers charged could range from 1.5 – 5%. We decided we would only deal with fund managers who were not only low cost but also had the integrity to do what they said they were going to do.  Transparency was key; our clients would know exactly what they were investing in, as well as the associated fees and costs.

What we also realised was that the academic theory that had been formulated and developed since the 1950s provided a proven theoretical basis for asset class investing. A model now known as the 'Three Factor Model' showed that investment returns were based on exposure to risk, rather than ability to pick shares and managers.

It wasn’t just about managing clients' money though; we also wanted to be a financial coach for our clients. This meant we would become their confidante and guide in areas such as estate planning, family issues, retirement planning, risk management, et cetera.

So we developed a process that focuses on rewarding clients fairly for the risks they take when investing. In addition, we reduce unnecessary risks, minimise taxes, and put our clients' financial houses in order. We find our process particularly suits prudent investors rather than speculators.


So who is Bradley Nuttall and what are our values?

  1. We are a firm of knowledgeable and trustworthy specialists who understand our clients' goals, empathise with their problems and issues, and take care to identify their unique wants and needs, in order to create personalised solutions.
  1. We focus on prudence and client centred processes.
  1. We always put our clients' interests first. As such, we are fee only. We accept no revenue from investment providers.
  1. We have a purpose beyond simply making money. First and foremost we are interested in helping clients.
  1. We are discreet, attentive, have a good reputation, and desire long term personalised relationships with our clients.
  1. We are selective in who we work with. We want clients we can help and who want the services we offer.


Selecting the right financial advisor is a very individual decision

At Bradley Nuttall we don't expect to be a perfect fit for every prospective client. We strive both to be and to remain the best choice for individuals, families, and institutions with substantial resources and complex needs, who embrace our values and approach.  Our clients include successful professionals, corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals and families, and charities.  People who may have recently sold a business or received a substantial inheritance or settlement, frequently choose us for our fresh perspective on articulating and achieving their goals.


Truly independent financial advisers

We believe our point of difference is in being ethical operators; our fee-only, commission-free approach delivers objectivity and independence.


Intelligent financial advice

It has been proven that 99% of stock pickers can't pick trends. Markets may be volatile, but our scientific approach is one we share with a select group of international firms that are passionate about best practice and long term performance.

As a result of this, many funds we have access to are not available to the retail public. We do not wish to be influenced by "hot money" (money that goes in and out, is volatile, and therefore requires a fund to have a high cash holding). Once you take the heat factor out of the equation, you can commit to a specific, long term investment philosophy, which will generate higher returns without the distraction and cost of the chopping and changing characteristics that many retail funds have.

According to our clients, the factors that set us apart from others in our field are:

  • Insistence on intelligent planning through client education
  • Comfort with unconventional wisdom
  • Global perspective, both with regard to comprehensive planning and worldwide investment exposure
  • Pro-active mindfulness to client service

At Bradley Nuttall we believe these characteristics are a direct result of the talented, professional team that we have built, the skills and expertise that we bring to our clients, and our unwavering focus on our clients' needs. It is these hard-won and possibly all-too-rare qualities, consistently applied over many years, that have made Bradley Nuttall today's leading independent wealth management firm. Meet our wealth management advisers to appreciate the breadth and depth of talent at Bradley Nuttall.


Substantiated financial advice

As an independent firm, Bradley Nuttall has invested heavily and over many years, alongside deep expertise, to develop a world-class investment solution in every facet of wealth management - from retirement planning and philanthropy, to complicated estate planning.

Learn about our approach to financial planning, investment management and risk management.



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