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Many Bradley Nuttall clients are still accumulating substantial wealth from their employment, businesses, and professions. However, all of our clients are eager to know whether or not what they have already accumulated (or expect to acquire) will be adequate, in order for them to comfortably achieve their key goals. Through rigorous and iterative analysis, we guide our clients to reliable solutions for managing the complex interplay of:

  • Cash flow management and the attainment of personal goals
  • The quantity (and timing) of family and charitable gifts
  • Whether to continue employment or business involvement, or to “retire”
  • Which investment returns and risks to pursue or accept

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Facing The New Financial Future

As a result of new laws regarding who can legally provide financial advice, Human Resources (HR) Managers of large and successful firms will now be unable to offer any meaningful financial direction, without risk of overstepping the boundaries. Even key benefit packages – such as KiwiSaver – will be communicated by form, rather than with personal and thoughtful consideration.

Bradley Nuttall is a resource for top firms to work in this new environment and ensure their key executives receive advice that enhances both their value and productivity to the firm.

Current Problems Corporations & HR Managers Are Facing

  • Lost Productivity: Executives spend a weekly average of one to three hours tinkering with their finances while at work. This includes managing finances, watching shares, and reviewing their KiwiSaver schemes.
  • Legal Risk: Human Resource Directors who consult executives with executive benefits typically provide generalised advice, and are therefore unwilling (appropriately so) to go out on a limb and risk providing specific, personalised advice. If they did provide this personalised advice, they would potentially violate new securities laws and be subject to potential lawsuits.
  • Compliance Problems: How are executives in publically traded firms investing and divesting off their shares and options? Is it questionable or appropriate? What if a firm is about to go public? How should executives think about their potential benefits?
  • Benefits Confusion: Executives are not maximising their benefits, and are confused about how to best utilise benefits such as KiwiSaver.
  • Poor Executive Retention: Executives sometimes leave a business for more lucrative offers, without completely valuing their current employer’s benefits. They may see foreign job offers as key to securing their financial future, as they have not yet adequately structured their finances and are therefore not currently on track to reach their goals. Thus, offshore job offers may at times be seen as a fast track to retirement.

What Is In It For Me (The Employer)?

There are several compelling reasons a successful corporation may want to offer financial planning services to its executives:

Retention & Attraction of Key Individuals

Bradley Nuttall will ensure that executives are on track to reach their financial goals, are maximising current benefits, and are protecting themselves against potential risks. Executives who are on track to attaining their goals and who avoid expensive financial losses will find offers from other potential employers less attractive. Bradley Nuttall will also be there to help executives analyse the way in which all the compensation elements assist them in achieving their financial goals; this encourages executives to fully consider the risks involved in changing employers. 

Executives receive an in-depth education on the principles of financial planning, as well as relevant securities and tax laws, where relevant. Executives working with Bradley Nuttall are less likely to engage, whether intentionally or out of negligence, in questionable behaviour that could harm both themselves and their employer. Perhaps more importantly, executives are more likely to make responsible and thoughtful personal financial decisions which in turn should lessen the temptation to engage in a questionable pattern of behaviour.

Better Job Performance

Employees spend a weekly average of one to three hours tinkering with their finances while at work. Furthermore, executives who are not properly advised are likely to spend disproportionate amounts of both time and energy inefficiently maintaining their personal finances. In contrast, executives who have the benefit of working with a financial planner are likely to delegate many of their financial responsibilities to that planner. This creates a more orderly and predictable financial environment for these executives, thereby leading to greater time efficiencies and fewer distractions in the context of their day-to-day corporate responsibilities.

Mitigation of Conflicts

Conflicts of interest can and will arise between a company and its executives. Examples of these situations include salary negotiation, executive option exercises or purchases, and sales of company shares. While company-sponsored financial planning is typically financed by the company, the planner generally assumes a duty of loyalty to the individual executive. This offers the company assurance that executives will have their own personal advocates to provide them with independent, objective advice and perspective.

Benefit Maximization & Fewer Human Resource Queries

Providing company-sponsored financial planning requires a relatively small financial investment. However, a company’s return on this small investment can be quite substantial. In addition to achieving the above goals, the company is also able to maximise the value of all of its other benefit plans, by providing executives the education necessary to understand and fully utilise these plans. Because executives better understand and appreciate your benefits and compensation programs, you can expect fewer inquiries from them to your human resource and benefits departments.

Other Benefits Related To The Business

  • Reduced Executive Stress
  • Financial Clarity for Key Executives
  • Enhancement of Corporate Culture
  • Informative Employee Seminars & Workshops

Finally, Bradley Nuttall help our clients to live in alignment with their personal values and find greater satisfaction in how they use their time.

Proposed Services

Executives receive our highest service proposition, which is required for successful individuals leading busy and prosperous lives:

Step 1: Comprehensive Data Collection
Step 2: Preliminary Plan Review & Presentation of Data
Step 3: Financial Plan & Recommendations: An in-depth analysis, which includes strategies and recommendations in each planning area, combined with extensive consultations with the client to review the plan and recommendations
Step 4: Implementation: Regular meetings help the client implement each key recommendation, working off an implementation plan with clear deadlines and responsibilities. We assist with all implementation that does not require legal advice
Step 5: Monitoring, on-going consultation, and updates

Planning Areas

  • Investment plan Review
  • Personal Debt Management
  • Retirement & KiwiSaver Planning
  • Estate, Charity & Gift Planning
  • Personal Risk Management
  • Executive Compensation & Benefits Planning
  • Single Share & Concentrated Portfolio Unwinding
  • Property Risk
  • Income Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Education Funding
  • Share Option Planning (If a Publicly Traded Firm)


Fees for this service depend on the services offered, but typically include an initial fee for each new executive as well as an on-going management fee.