Risk Management

We offer risk management services throughout New Zealand in Christchurch (chch), Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Nelson and the Otago and Canterbury regions

Protecting what is important to you.

Our team of financial advisers will assess anything we see that may threaten the achievement of your financial plan. This includes all personal, occupational, life, disability and critical care risks, along with all property risks.  We will help you evaluate how best to manage these exposures. Clients are often in a position to “self-insure” many of these risks, however in other cases, insurance or some other structure is essential to avoid or mitigate risk.

In all cases, we are very experienced in drawing effective conclusions for our clients. Perhaps as important, we have no interest in any one particular solution. Our clients can therefore depend on a thoroughly competent and unbiased assessment of their overall insurance portfolio; a combination very difficult to find anywhere else.

We understand that each of our client’s life’s are complex; everyone has people who depend on them and no one is immune to tragedy. We believe in taking the time to listen, so that we can clearly understand and identify our clients’ personal risk goals and objectives, and create a personalised risk management plan. This plan looks at where our clients want to be in the future, should certain risk “events” occur. We then recommend to our clients how best to achieve the outcomes they desire, should these particular “events” occur.

We take pride in managing the whole Risk Management process, from gathering information and assessing our clients’ needs, to giving sound advice and guiding them through the application process. We continues to build the relationship by regularly reviewing our clients’ cover and, most importantly, we are there to help ensure that every client is in the best possible position at claim time.

We want to emphasise that we are not constrained to any insurance providers by sales quotas, or restricted to certain products. This independence allows us to do what’s best for our clients, as we work with only the best providers in New Zealand.

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