Investment Portfolios

We offer investment portfolios throughout New Zealand in Christchurch (chch), Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and the Otago and Canterbury regions.

Our portfolios are constructed following a strategic asset allocation process, where every major allocation decision is subjected to a detailed review.

Below you’ll see links to our eight portfolios. Each portfolio is designed to have a different level of risk and expected return. We describe the portfolios using: equity allocation % / fixed income allocation %. For example, BNL Portfolio 90/10 is 90% equities and 10% fixed income. The higher the percentage equity, the higher the overall risk and corresponding expected return.

We have provided a significant amount of information on each portfolio to help investors understand how the portfolios have performed in good and bad markets. Appropriate expectations are key to good investing. A wide range of additional information is available in support of these model portfolios, including historical return and standard deviation data.

But which portfolio is right for you?

Please contact us and we will happily guide you through the process. We hope the portfolios provide you clarity and transparency in your investing experience. It’s just another way we are working to help change the way New Zealanders invest.

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Returns are net manager fees but before gross advisor and custodial fees. See Bradley Nuttall Limited Disclosure Statement. NZX 50 Returns are only available (and are shown) from July 1991. All other return series shown from January 1991.