Four good reasons to partner with Bradley Nuttall

Everyone has different expectations of their wealth adviser and we understand taking the first step can be difficult. Below we outline our unique consultation process and detail what you can expect from partnering with Bradley Nuttall.

1. Expertise

  • Is your financial house in order?
  • When is the last time you reviewed your insurance, trust documents, investments, or retirement goals?
  • Are you on track for retirement?
  • How long will your savings last?

We will put your financial house in order (and keep it that way), so that you can relax knowing you are protected and on the road to reaching your goals. Your portfolios are rebalanced as required, so there will be no need to watch the markets and fret about ups and downs.

We provide each client with a portfolio suited to their cash flow needs, risk-tolerance, and goals, via a comprehensive investment policy statement. With us you can feel confident that you are on the path to achieving the goals you hold most dear.

2. Clarity

  • What are you invested in and why?
  • What sort of returns should you expect in good and bad markets?
  • Does your investment allocation align with your goals and taste for volatility?

These are questions that every investor should be able to answer. Many are uncertain what they’re invested in, what the potential for return is in the long term, and what the potential for loss is in the short term. We offer our clients complete transparency.

Our portfolios’ returns and risks are clearly described, and our fees disclosed upfront. We provide clear data for you to make informed decisions, and will keep you abreast of developments in regular, easy to understand reports.

Our unique methodologies give superior return for risk; our portfolios are aligned with proven academic and Nobel Prize-winning financial science and asset-allocation, not based on speculation.

3. Confidence

We are among New Zealand’s largest independently owned financial advisory firms. Our adviser’s are non-conflicted and work solely on behalf of our clients. Because we neither represent nor accept any commission from investment products, you can rest assured that our recommendations are based on your best interests.

We only recommend investments that we believe will best benefit our clients. Our wealth solution is comprehensive and on-going, to ensure that our advice is always focused on your unique goals, dreams, and aspirations.

4. Lower Fees

We have access to institutional class investments that have lower management fees, so you’ll gain incremental compound growth with less of your capital being eroded by fees.

Our portfolios are low cost – often among the lowest cost 10% of available funds. You may ask, “Why wouldn’t everyone use these lower cost investments?” The investment vehicles we use are not available to the average retail investor. Most investments you hear about are “sold” as products by captive salespeople working for banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and fund companies. Naturally, such salespeople advise you to buy what their managers tell them to sell. Moreover, their compensation is tied to the product; the more expensive the product they sell, the bigger their commission. Thus arises a conflict of interest.

As a fee-based adviser, we only recommend assets we believe are in your best interests. This is because we are not employed by a bank, a fund-company or an insurance company to sell their products. We accept no payment or commission from any investment we use.

Ready to take the next step?

Managing your wealth is a very personal subject, one we should discuss in a more personal setting. Here are a few different ways to learn more about us and get in touch with us:
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