Second Opinion Service

Today’s volatile and complex financial markets can make even the most educated and patient investors question their strategic direction.

Bradley Nuttall provides sound, clear and expert financial advice. We’ve devoted the last two decades to helping clients with funds to manage make the right financial decisions and avoid the difficulties that arise from failing to plan or from listening to ‘financial salesmen’ or the media.

We offer a unique second opinion service** – where we examine your current financial position and future expectations, and offer a realistic appraisal of your existing financial plan, to do with as you please. Research shows that even experienced investors highly value a second opinion to confirm whether or not they are on track.

As part of our comprehensive second opinion service, we take a three-stage approach:

**Our usual fee for this type of review, depending on complexity is typically between $1,500 & $2,500.

Securing Your Future - A Case Study

Dave had been a client of Bradley Nuttall for several years when he recommended his friend Tom take advantage of our second opinion service. Tom and his wife Cheryl* had expressed some discomfort with their investment affairs. They had an eclectic mix of investments with little apparent overall strategy and were unsure whether they had provided sufficiently for retirement or whether their investments were right for them.

As part of our Second Opinion Service, the team at Bradley Nuttall:

Reviewed Tom and Cheryl’s overall financial position in order to assess what they could spend in retirement. Our projections showed they could maintain their income level without compromising their capital.

Presented an investment plan that identified their priorities, provided a cohesive overall investment strategy, eliminated costs that were not adding value and reduced the risks they were, unknowingly, taking.

* Names have been changed to safeguard our clients’ privacy.
“The team at Bradley Nuttall provided us with peace of mind. It is a relief to know that all our investments are now working together. We are confident that our portfolio is in good hands, so we can get on with enjoying life.”
- Tom & Cheryl

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