Pip Bradley


Pip joined Bradley Nuttall seven years ago, following a background of sales and leadership roles at Air New Zealand.

She is a Registered Financial Adviser and member of the New Zealand Financial Advisers’ Association. Accordingly, she is bound by the NZFAA code of ethics and industry best practice processes.

Pip understands that each client’s life is complex; everyone has people who depend on them and no one is immune to tragedy. She believes in taking the time to listen, so that she can clearly understand and identify her clients’ personal risk goals and objectives, and create a personalised risk management plan. This plan looks at where they want to be in the future, should certain risk “events” occur. She then recommends to her clients how best to achieve the outcomes they desire, should these particular “events” occur.

Pip takes pride in managing the whole Risk Management process, from gathering information and assessing her clients’ needs, to giving sound advice and guiding them through the application process. She continues to build the relationship by regularly reviewing clients’ cover and, most importantly, she is there to help ensure that every client is in the best possible position at claim time.

Pip wants to emphasise that she is not constrained to any insurance providers by sales quotas, or restricted to certain products. This independence allows her to do what’s best for her clients, as she works with only the best providers in New Zealand.

Pip is studying to become an Authorised Financial Planner. She has three grown sons and is soon to be remarried, so will be welcoming a daughter and another son into the family. She enjoys travel, cooking and fun times with her family and friends.

Pip is an Registered Financial Adviser (RFA). Her FSP registration number is FSP226825.

Copies of Pip’s disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.

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